Friendly to consumers

"I heard about YadYap and instantly loved the idea! The payday loan industry needs to evolve to become more transparent and more friendly to consumers. Combining peer to peer lending with online payday loans is exactly what the industry needs. I'm a huge fan and will be using YadYap for all my payday loans in the future!"

1st rate experience

"I've taken out payday loans for years. I was delighted to learn about YadYap and their innovative ideas around online payday loans. My experience with them was 1st rate, and I would recommend them to anyone considering an online payday loan."

An idea whose time has come

"Getting a payday cash loan from another person is an idea whose time has come. I'm surprised no one has thought of this before! My favorite thing about peer to peer lending is how it connects people to other people, rather than some big mysterious institution. YadYap seems like a company that is trying to put the payday loan industry into the hands of the people, which ensures that payday loan interest rates will be determined by fair market rates - an awesome idea, especially given the history of online pay day loans."

From skeptical to enthusiastic

"A good friend of mine told me about YadYap recently, and initially I was skeptical. I jumped on the site, and read about how they advance payday loans, the mechanics of the process, and the methodology involved in how they approach payday loans. I quickly went from being skeptical to being enthusiastic. I applied for my payday loan, was approved, and became a loyal customer. Thanks YadYap!"

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YadYap is the best way to get a short term loan. If you are approved you will sign a standard rate loan agreement and the money will be sent to your bank account immediately. Then, your loan will be sent to the YadYap marketplace for peer lenders to bid down your payback rate. Your loan rate will never increase. You pay back the lowest interest rate!

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