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"A good friend of mine told me about YadYap recently, and initially I was skeptical. I jumped on the site, and read about how they advance payday loans, the mechanics of the process, and the methodology involved in how they approach payday loans. I quickly went from being skeptical to being enthusiastic. I applied for my payday loan, was approved, and became a loyal customer. Thanks YadYap!"

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Payday Cash Advance Loans

Just like our name, we're turning things around in the short-term credit industry. We’re bringing down the exorbitant interest rates. We're reducing costly fees. We're creating an alternative: a social lending marketplace where regular people can receive a cash advance from regular people.

Fast payday cash advance with long-term benefits

At YadYap, borrowers agree to a loan contract like they might with any other lender. Then, unlike any other payday lender, the cash advance loan is sent to the YadYap marketplace where YadYap lenders bid on loans in an auction process. The auction lasts no more than 24 hours. Borrowers get their money quickly and at competitive interest rates that are determined by the free market—in most cases making them lower than traditional cash advance loans. Borrowers are rated according to their YadYap payment history. Their profiles will include information on how many loans they’ve paid back and if they’ve ever defaulted. You will have your own YadYap Score. Why would you go anywhere else for a cash advance again?

Borrowers seeking subsequent loans will find that YadYap lenders will be more likely to advance cash at lower rates if borrowers maintain a stellar record. In turn, YadYap lenders can better decide how much risk they are willing to take on by comparing borrower profiles and YadYap Scores. Overall, these kinds of benefits add up to one thing: It’s a bright new day for cash advance payday loans.

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YadYap is the best way to get a short term loan. If you are approved you will sign a standard rate loan agreement and the money will be sent to your bank account immediately. Then, your loan will be sent to the YadYap marketplace for peer lenders to bid down your payback rate. Your loan rate will never increase. You pay back the lowest interest rate!

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